Biden Admin Released Afghan Terrorist Into U.S. After He Illegally Crossed Border, Is Roaming Free


An illegal alien from Afghanistan who is a member of an Islamic terrorist group is freely roaming the streets of America after the Biden administration released him into the country after he crossed the southern border.

NBC News reported that 48-year-old Mohammad Kharwin spent a year roaming the streets of America after border officials released him in 2023.

Kharwin is on the FBl’s national terrorist watchlist because he “is a member of Hezb-e-Islami, or HIG, a political and paramilitary organization that the U.S. has designated a terrorist organization,” the report said.

The Director of National Intelligence says that Hezb-e-Islami, or “Party of Islam,” is a “virulently anti-Western insurgent group whose goal is to replace the Western-backed Afghan Government with an Islamic state rooted in sharia.”

The terror suspect was arrested last month, but released again by an immigration judge in the Biden administration’s Department of Justice who was not told of his terrorist ties. He paid his $12,000 bond and was released and is out on bond and there are “no restrictions on his movements” inside the U.S., the report said.

He was released by the Biden administration because they reportedly “lacked corroborating information” confirming his terrorist ties, but they wouldn’t disclose what they were missing.

Kharwin has since applied for “asylum and work authorization,” and has flown domestically inside the U.S., the report said.

His next court date is not until next year, the report added.

The case comes just a couple months after another bombshell report emerged about an Islamic terrorist with al-Shabaab who roamed the U.S. free for nearly a year.

In March 2023, according to an internal federal memo, federal authorities caught a terrorist illegally crossing the southern border, then shortly thereafter released him into the country, where he stayed before he was arrested recently in Minnesota.

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