Transport professionals cling to the ceiling of fuel prices and threaten to go on a national strike

Coinciding with the statement of Mustafa Paytas, the official spokesperson for the government and Minister Delegate to the Prime Minister in charge of relations with Parliament, regarding the slight decline in fuel prices in Morocco, the issue of whether or not to continue subsidies comes to the fore after Paytas hinted at the possibility of stopping the exceptional government support granted to this group.

In this context, Mustafa Paytas said, during the press conference that followed the government council meeting on Thursday, 1 June, that “when fuel prices witnessed a significant increase in the international market, which was reflected in the national market, it was very natural for the government to intervene by granting support to transport professionals.” Which cost almost 5 billion .

The official spokesman for the government indicated that “the purpose of this measure lies in avoiding an increase in transport prices within cities, as well as transporting goods destined for non-nationals, as well as controlling food prices.

Paytas did not deny the government’s intention to stop subsidies directed to transport professionals, as he concluded his answer by saying, “The government is following up on this issue, in addition to all indications that most of the prices of basic materials in international markets have begun to decline,” stressing that “this decline will have an impact.” on the national market.

Mounir Benazouz, the general secretary of the National Union of Transport Professionals, said, in his statement ,in response to the hints of the government spokesperson regarding the cessation of exceptional government support for transport professionals, “We demand that the latter continue until gas prices are capped.”

Benazouz continued his speech : “The support granted by the government remains insufficient in light of the increasing rise in fuel prices today,” stressing “the need for the concerned authorities to intervene to limit the manipulations of fuel lobbies in Morocco.”

The general secretary of the National Union of Transport Professionals confirmed that “in the event that the government does not respond to our legitimate demands, we will launch a general national strike in the next few days in order to reach serious and radical solutions regarding the issue of fuel; Because we are not looking for a temporary or circumstantial solution.

For his part, Mohamed Fadi, deputy national clerk of the National Syndicate for the Taxi Sector, commented, “According to what is being circulated today, the subsidy stopped for a while,” noting that “the last payment received by transport professionals benefiting from the subsidy was during the month of March”

Fadhi affirmed that “the government today is still dealing with this issue with a kind of procrastination and ambiguity,” comparing the low prices of gas in the countries of the world and the high prices of fuel in Morocco, pointing to “the silence and refusal of the Competition Council to intervene in this matter.” The deputy national clerk of the National Syndicate




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