Israel interested to import the electric cars manufactured in Morocco


The Israeli newspaper “Globes”, which specializes in economic affairs, published that Morocco has become a developed base for the production of cars destined for export to Europe and its success in attracting huge foreign investments in the sector of producing electric cars and their batteries, in addition to increasing the national production of cars, which exceeded 472 thousand cars with a fee. Last year, all factors began to “attract the interest of Israel,” which is looking to conclude a free trade agreement with the Kingdom to cancel customs duties on the import of electric cars and batteries, currently estimated at 7 percent.

The same source confirmed that a number of players in the car marketing sector in Israel have recently held meetings with government officials and Moroccan businessmen to discuss this issue. Last month, Itzik Wetz, CEO of Carso Motors, and Avi Kenneth, Vice President of the Israeli Chamber of Commerce, met with the Minister of Industry and Trade, Riyad Mazur, and senior officials of Renault Morocco, and the discussions dealt with “encouraging the export of manufactured cars.” In Morocco to the Israeli state.

The Israeli newspaper added that “the export of locally made cars to Israel remains limited, as it is confined to commercial cars,” noting that “the Moroccan government began last year implementing a plan aimed at turning the country into a base for the production of electric cars and the export of batteries for these cars.” One of the incentives for investors in this field, which is “already bearing fruit.”

The “Renault” group also announced, in March of this year, its intention to “establish a new line in Morocco to produce a new leisure car that will be the first hybrid car to be produced in the Kingdom,” which will arrive in Israel next year, in addition to the “Stelantis” group announcing investments. Huge to increase its production capacity in Morocco to about 400,000 cars annually, as it intends to produce small electric cars of the type “Fiat Topolino”, which are also scheduled to be exported to Israel.

And the former head of the Israeli liaison office in Rabat, Shai Cohen, stated during a press conference last month, on the sidelines of the celebration of the anniversary of “the founding of Israel,” that his country “desires to sign a free trade agreement with Morocco,” expecting that it “will achieve a free trade agreement with The port of Tangiers Med, the largest in Africa, will receive more than a billion dollars within the next three years.


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